Infusion Pump Repair

HOTLINE 3 Fluid / Blood Warming System

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With the HOTLINE 3 system, it is designed for use with a dedicated disposable set (sold separately). When the disposable set is removed from the mounting block, valves built into the connector will close, trapping the recirculating solution in the tube
The patient line can be transferred with the patient from the O.R. to recovery to be connected to a different warmer, if required The disposable connector locks into the mounting block with an audible click and holds the patient line firmly in place until it's unlocked

The latest disposable set (L-370) effortlessly clicks into the new mounting block, ensuring a secure fit. Now, it can be disconnected swiftly, conveniently, and with just one hand.

Enhanced Portability

With the new disposable set, the tubing retains recirculating solution even when detached from the warmer. This feature allows seamless transfer of the tubing along with the patient from the OR to the PACU, enabling easy connection to another HOTLINE 3 Fluid Warmer for continuous patient warming.

Infusate Delivery Temperatures

The table below illustrates the typical infusate delivery temperatures at the patient’s end of an L-370 HOTLINE 3 Fluid Warming Set.