Baxa Microfuse Rapid Rate, Baxa Microfuse Dual Rate

The MicroFuse® Rapid Rate Infuser is intended for intravenous infusion of adenosine. It is designed to deliver a “full” syringe dose over 6 minutes. The MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser delivers reliable, continuous infusion over the prescribed duration. MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infusers are:

• Durable – solid body construction with secure motor attachment

• Easy-to-use – simple push-button controls

• Portable – lightweight and slender profile

• Reliable – low maintenance, with built-in safety features

Syringe Compatibility- The MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser is compatible with Becton-Dickinson® (B-D), Monoject® and Terumo® disposable syringes. Typical syringes for Adenoscan® (adenosine) are B-D 30 or 60 cc, Monoject 60 cc, or Terumo 30 or 60 cc.

The infuser operates on two standard alkaline C-cell batteries. The syringe holder secures the syringe in place. Once the infuser is turned ON, the syringe driver arm depresses the plunger at a fixed rate, administering the contents of the syringe through the extension tubing and into the patient access site. A microprocessor control operates at a constant delivery rate, and can infuse syringe contents against a back pressure of ± 100 mm Hg.

The MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser infuses at one of two pre-set flow rates. RATE 1 infuses a “full” syringe over 6 minutes. RATE 2 infuses a “full” syringe over 8.4 minutes.

Baxa Microfuse Rapid Rate, Baxa Microfuse Dual Rate.

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