BD/ Carefusion/ Alaris

BD/ Carefusion/ Alaris

Here’s Alaris Signature 7130, Alaris Signature 7230, Alaris 8100 Pump Module and BD McGaw 360 Infuser. BD/ Carefusion/ Alaris.

The McGaw BD 360 syringe pump features continuous intravenous infusion rates up to 360 mL/hr, depending upon syringe size. The BD 360 can be used as a primary infusor or can deliver downstream secondary piggyback infusions. Variable time settings are set using digital controls, and the LCD display shows time remaining.

The MedSystem III® (MSIII) multi-channel infusion pump brings clinical versatility to your drug infusion technology. In one compact infusion pump, the MSIII incorporates a customized drug library, three independent fluid delivery channels, and a drug dose calculator enabling users to safely and quickly deliver infusion therapy. The Medsystem III’s small size allows for more flexibility when transporting patients and allows for a more organized bedside space.

The lightweight MedSystem III® pump is ideal for ambulatory, EMT and air transport. It features flexible and system parameters that can be set to match the clinical needs of the patient, as well as a unique, easy-to-use pole clamp, allowing the pump to be attached virtually anywhere.

This Multi-Channel IV pump features three independent fluid delivery systems in the space of one compact size. This reduces bedside clutter, simplifies patient transport. It is easy to setup and use, yet provides advanced features and accurate delivery of a variety of fluids.

  • Three independent infusion channels
  • Small, compact size and lightweight design (5.1 lbs.)
  • Set-based, free-flow protection with needle-free access
  • Delivers intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural and subcutaneous applications
  • Infuses a wide range of fluids from various containers, including syringes, utilizing a syringe adapter set
  • Dose rate calculation, single-page programming, a selectable drug library and titration of drugs by the user in either dose or volumetric rate
  • Infuses a wide range of fluids from various containers, including syringes, utilizing a syringe adapter set
  • 6-watts AC power
  • Rechargeable NiCad battery pack memory
  • Non-rechargeable lithium backup battery
  • Delivery rang: 0.1-999 mm/hr
  • KVO rate range: 0.1-20.0 mm/hr

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