Dr. Steven M.

I am an anesthesiologist. My pumps are necessary to keep my patients safe and comfortable. They are central to my practice. I am so glad I discovered Infusion Pump repair several years ago. I have used them for repairs. I have purchased refurbished pumps from them. I have used them for advise. Mr. Atef has been great to deal with. He has repeatedly come through. He is honest, meticulous and very knowledgeable. He always keeps his word. I wish all of my vendors were like him.

Dr. Marjon J.

I cannot say enough good things about Jason and this company. I purchased my most recent pump from them and I am so happy with their service. Initially I had a few issues with my pump, Jason came to our surgery center the next day and within minutes he had solved the issue. He even left me an extra pump to use as a backup. Their service is exceptional and they are very knowledgeable about the pumps they sell.