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PETite Vet IV Infusion Pump

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The PETite is IPR’s latest and greatest veterinary IV infusion pump that is compact, light, and innovative. This new IV infusion pump, the PETite, is water-resistant with a state-of-the-art color LCD touchscreen and has a 5000 history memory log. This pump also has titration capabilities and multiple adjustable settings.

Universal Calibration Options (*Including but not limited to the following:)

  • Abbott Series A
  • Abbott Series B
  • Baxter Brand IV Sets
  • Hospira IV Sets
  • Zoetis Series A
  • Zoetis Series B
  • Flow Rate Range: 0.10 – 2000 ml/h
  • KVO:0.01 – 5 ml/h
  • VTBI:0 – 9999.99 ml
  • Accuracy:± 5%
  • AC ADAPTER: 100V – 240V (DC Power 50/60Hz-10V – 16V), Approx. 5 HOURS (@ 25 ml/h)

More Details

  • Case Material: PBT PC
  • Titration: Change flow rate without stopping the infusion
  •  Reset Total Volume: Reset the total infused volume to zero without stopping the infusion
  •  Reset Occlusion Level: Reset occlusion alarm level without stopping the infusion
  •  Reset Air Bubble Level: Reset the air bubble alarm level without stopping the infusion
  •  Last Therapy: Last therapies can be stored and used for rapid infusion
  •  Drug Library: No less than 2000 drugs
  •  DERS: Drug error reduction system
  •  Anti-Bolus: Automatic drop line pressure to reduce bolus impact after occlusion
  •  Purge: Remove the air bubble
  •  Screen Lock: Avoid misoperation
  • Standby Mode: Standby time adjustable
  •  Micro Mode: Limit the max infusion rate to double ensure patient safety
  •  DPS: Real-time pressure display (graphically and numerically)
  • Bubble Detector: Adjustable. Single bubble and accumulated bubble in 15min
  •  Brightness: Adjustable
  • Alarm Volume: Adjustable
  • History Record: More than 5000 entries